Cheap Flights to Paris for $355, Spain for $299

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If you’re willing to fly a low cost carrier internationally, there are some great fares to Europe right now on Norweigan Air! Via Secret Flying, you can get flights October 2016 – March 2017 from Fort Lauderdale or New York JFK to Paris, France for $355.

norwegian air cheap flights to paris And there are flights November through March to Palma de Mallorca from Boston for $299, flights from Boston to Madrid, Barcelona, or Malaga for ~$310.norwegian air cheap flights to spain

I found fares via the US site, but if you’re not seeing them, try via the Norwegian version for this handy hack for lower fares (also explains why Secret Flying suggests you book in a different language).

Tips for Getting the Best Deals

  • Good fares and convenient dates tend to sell out quickly, so book now. If you wait, you might miss out.
  • Since Norwegian is a low cost carrier, be aware of the extra fees, particularly if you prefer not to travel light. If you want to choose seats in advance and check luggage, another carrier might actually be cheaper!
    • $45 each way to choose seats in advance on international flights
    • Drinks (complimentary on most US airlines) run $4-5 each
    • Checked bags at the airport run $65 for the first 2, then per kg afterwards. Cheaper rates if you prepay up to 6 hours in advance.

How to Find Out About These Fares in the Future
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