Interview With Abroaders on Traveling Solo

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Want to hear about my disaster experience the first time I traveled alone internationally? Or the number one tip I offer if you’re thinking about going solo? Or perhaps you’d just enjoy hearing my ramble on about my favorite topic: travel.

Check out my very first podcast, a fun interview I did with Erik of Abroaders.com. I’m torn between excitement that maybe I’m now semi-famous (j/k) and disliking the sound of my voice. Ha! 🙂

(My segment starts around 6 min in)

I hadn’t heard of Abroaders prior to attending Frequent Traveler University, but I’m very interested in some of the new options they’re rolling out. They not only offer an award booking service (for economy class tickets!) but they’ll soon (or now do) have an option for helping you figure out what points you need to collect for your dream trip, whether you have them book it or you book it yourself.

We’re figuring out some kind of special offer for Heels First readers, so stay tuned for more info.


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