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Try the World: Goodies from Japan

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The next box up in the Try the World line up is from Japan and it was even better than I expected!

Try the World Japan box contents

First up are the items that need preparation — Otafuku Foods’ okonomiyaki kit, which apparently is a omelette-like pancake with savory toppings, and Akagi soba noodles.

Try the World Japan okonomiyaki soba

Then the snacks! The Ginbis shimi coco chocolate-corn cookies were surprisingly addicted. Loved the texture and it seemed like there might be a little cinnamon in with the chocolate. The Takaokaya seaweed was also good, but I wish there were more than 5 pieces in the package. The Kasugai lychee flavored gummy candies were good, if you like lychee.

Try the World Japan seaweed shimi coco lychee gummy

And among the miscellaneous there was AOI Tea Company blueberry matcha tea and House Foods ginger paste which seems like it might go well with the soba noodles.

Try the World Japan aoi tea ginger paste

So far Try the World has a pretty good average. I was disappointed in my Morocco box, but pretty pleased with the Paris and Argentina boxes, and this one was a win.

If you’re interested in trying out the Japan box or a future Try the World box you can get a free Thailand box with the purchase of a the upcoming Sweden box(essentially half off each).

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