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Should You Try “Try the World”?

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I’m trying out yet another monthly subscription box! I saw a write up from HuffPost Taste about Try the World a new bi-monthly subscription box offering delicacies from around the world. I love food and trying new things, so despite the $39.99 price tag I was tempted.

I found their offer for a free Paris box when you start your subscription with a Marrakesh box and decided I’d splurge and try at least two boxes.

Try the World Review Free Paris Box Offer

The Marrakesh box arrived over the weekend and the jury is out (although I was swayed slightly by the almost Tiffany blue box).

The mini culture guide included is pretty neat. Lots of photos, a few recipes, and a smattering of interesting local facts and context. I wasn’t quite sure what to think though when I first read the card listing the contents and noticed the disclaimer at the bottom: “Because Try the World works with smaller producers across the world, each box may have a slightly different selection of products or flavors than shown here.” Why include the card then?

Try the World Review Marrakesh Box Selection

But anyway, I quickly moved on and dug in to see what I had actually been sent.

I received everything on the card except for one item, Cous Cous Sauce had been substituted for the Tajini tajine sauce.

Try the World Review Marrakesh Box cous cous sauce

I would have preferred to miss out on the sardines instead. 😉

Try the World Review Marrakesh Box sardines There was Dari organic whole wheat couscous to go with the olive & lemon sauce.

Try the World Review Marrakesh Box cous cous

A little bottle of Dip & Scoop culinary argan oil for fish, vegetables, and dip for flat breads.

Try the World Review Marrakesh Box culinary argan oil

I was pretty excited by the Villa Jerada kefta rub for use on meatballs, kebabs, etc.

Try the World Review Marrakesh Box Kefta rub

And then my favorite of all the selections — the Orientines pastry cookies. Light, buttery, and only slight sweet. Mmmmm.

Try the World Review Marrakesh Box orientines biscuits

So what did I think? I love the concept I was a little underwhelmed by the execution. Maybe I’m just a little spoiled by World Market’s selection, but for $40 I expected more items or perhaps more specialty items? It might also just be this particular box, so I’m interested to see what comes in the Paris box.

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  1. Mary

    June 12, 2015 at 6:54 pm

    Cool way to “travel” without having to jump on a plane!!

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