What Happens if You Bleed in a TSA Body Scanner

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That’s one way to avoid body scanners going through security. Recently a friend was going through Portland Airport Security and gashed his finger on the plastic bins. He stepped into the body scanner dripping a little blood.

“Sir, are you bleeding?” Yes.

They whisked him out of there and through the normal metal detector, swabbing his finger with some antiseptic and giving him a (insufficient) bandaid which is all they had. 10 minutes later when he went by, the scanner was still shut down as they were cleaning and everyone was getting to go through the metal detector.

He was still bleeding though and none of the airport shops carried more substantial bandages so he called the TSA number for help. They couldn’t get him a bigger bandaid, but they could send a paramedic. He told them what gate he was at and what he looked like. And a few minutes later as he sat quietly bleeding, 4 guys with a gurney showed up to take care of his finger!?

I learned two things from this story.

1. If I didn’t have TSA pre-check I’d look for volunteers to bleed through security in front of me so I wouldn’t have to opt out.

2. I need to add a tiny bottle of liquid skin to my travel bag.


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