New Zealand in August for $390 + miles

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If New Zealand was on your top 3 destinations list and you’re free next month, here’s a deal worth considering. If you have not yet heard about, one-way tickets from the US in August start at $390 when booked on and The Flight Deal does a nice job of showing how to find it.

The deal is only one way though, so this only works if you have frequent flyer miles for your return flight (and can find availability).

For a one way economy award ticket:

United is 40,000 miles
American Airlines Partner Awards are 37, 500
Note: US Airways and Delta do not offer one-way awards

Not sure if this is a sale or a mistake, but it could sell out/get pulled at any minute, so I would immediately (don’t sleep on it or even think about it!) book any dates you might possibly want (and have the credit card limit for), then start looking for award tickets back on your desired dates, cancelling all the paid tickets you can’t/won’t use within 24 hours of buying them to get a full refund.

View from the Wing helpfully points out that the international Air New Zealand segment won’t earn miles so DON’T USE IT FOR A MILEAGE RUN.

Also note that August is their late winter/early spring, so make sure you want that weather 🙂


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