Hotel Review: Hyatt Regency DFW Airport

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My status run/mini-vacation in Alaska a few weekends ago turned into a Dallas mattress run thanks to bad weather. Instead of marveling over the 1 hour of nighttime in Anchorage, I found myself trying to find the walkway to the Hyatt Regency.

I’d seen on the website that the Hyatt was adjacent to Terminal C and that there was a walkway as well as a shuttle, and I preferred walking to waiting. Problem is, I couldn’t find any signs indicating which way the hotel was!

I finally found the area for shared vans and a helpful person pointed to the Hyatt and told me I could just walk there. But all I could see were narrow roads (with cars on them) and no sidewalks. Eventually a shuttle for the Grand Hyatt came along and I asked. Sure enough, I found a sign for the walkway two crosswalks back. So if you’re walking to the Hyatt Regency DFW from Terminal C, you want to come out by gate C19.

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Once you find the right crosswalk, the way to the hotel is well, if not excessively, signed.

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The lobby was quite busy at 10:30PM, but check in was quick. My diamond status was recognized and I was offered the choice of points or the food & beverage amenity. I needed a drink, so I asked what the amenity options were, which were better than usual. I wound up choosing the bottle of Canvas Cabernet and hot artisan sandwiches, which they promised to send up to me immediately.

My room was on a high floor, but otherwise nothing special. Quite clean and large though. Here’s my first attempt at a video. For those who are not amused, real photos are below. 🙂

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My room also had a funny little balcony about a foot in depth that looked down at the pool and out towards Terminal D and the Grand Hyatt.

The bathroom looked recently updated.

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It had a modern looking shower, although I always have problems with the glass solid panel ones. Either the glass is so long you get wet trying to turn the water on, or its short and you wind up soaking the floor.

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The food arrived in about 30 minutes, and looked incredible. The artisan sandwiches wound up being a hot steak and a slightly spicy shrimp, basil, and tomato. The wine was the typical Canvas wine, although the first I’d seen in a screw top.

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The next morning I headed down to breakfast at the restaurant. I was tempted by the Main Street Tacos off the normal menu and was told I could order up to a $25 allowance per person, but decided to stick with the buffet for convenience. The food was fine – there was a  variety of dishes but turnover wasn’t high that morning and many of the dishes in the dutch ovens were lukewarm. The chef did cook a pretty perfect omelette for me though! The one item that really stood out to me was the chicken sausage  – made with feta, spinach, and cranberries. YUM!

A solid hotel – definitely worth the $90 and pretty convenient once you find the crosswalk. Not sure if I would be nearly as enthusiastic if I hadn’t had the Diamond perks though. 🙂


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