Great DSW Deal Through American Express

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$50 off $200 in DSW gift cards + 1,000 American Airline miles (or 1200 UR points)? Yes!

I was doing my usual review of my online credit card transactions and wound up doing a little late night shoe shopping last night!

I was logged into my American Express Account and idly clicked on the “Offers for You” tab. Usually there’s nothing there, but sometimes I see something useful.

AMEX Offers for You

And last night there was!

DSW AMEX Offers for YOU

Get $50 statement credit on $199 in online purchases at DSW. Now I’m a huge fan of DSW, but I usually prefer to shop in-store where the clearance selection, though variable, often leads to better deals, like $200 boots for $40 and my awesome Steve Madden wedges (that I was wearing on Cathay) for $10.

boots are made for walking

But, it occurred to me I could probably just buy gift cards, get the statement credit and then shop in-store at my leisure. This way I could also use coupons more easily and I’d be saving $50 off the bat.

The next step was to see if I could get cash back, miles, or points by going through another site (tip: you should do this anytime you shop online). I love because it helps me compare all my options.

Evreward cashback options

I was most interested in American Airlines, Ultimate Rewards points, and cashback and my options were great. I could net 1,000 American Airline miles, 1,200 Ultimate Rewards, or $10 through Mr. Rebates (I’ll take the miles).

A lot of times gift card purchases aren’t eligible, but in this case there was nothing in the terms & conditions indicating they didn’t qualify. I was even more excited when I realized I might also be able to score double DSW Rewards points using coupon code DoubleUp, but discovered gift card purchases don’t apply. Boo.

Still, not a bad deal. And even if you aren’t a DSW fan, you can always buy the gift cards as gifts for others or trade them to other people on a gift card exchange site and basically make $50+.

I checked all my other American Express cards to see if I could jump on this with more than one credit card, but unfortunately as soon as I added it to my main card it disappeared as an option from the others.

If you are a DSW fan and are actually going to buy shoes with this offer, two helpful coupon codes to keep in mind:

Use code DoubleUp to get 2x the rewards points (sign up for free if you’re not already a member).

Get free shipping with any purchase over $35 with code SHIPR.

Also check your mail, I received a postcard last week with a unique code for $10 off $10 purchase starting September 19.

Disclaimer: I was not paid or in anyway incentivized by DSW, evreward, or American Express to write this post. Unless you consider offering really great deals that made me $50 in savings being compensated. In which case I’m happily guilty and hope you’ll get “paid” too! 🙂


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