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If you will also be attending Frequent Traveler University in Tampa, September 28-29, be sure to say hi! We’ll giving out some sweet or salty snacks to “upgrade” the experience.

And if it’s your first time to the Tampa Bay area, here are a few recommendations on what to see with extra time.
Disclaimer: I grew up in this area, but left many years ago, so my recommendations are based on what I want to take Jeanne to see. Its quite possible these places are no longer as awesome as I remember as a kid and Jeanne should not be held responsible if after 15 years the suggested locations have become lame.

  1. Clearwater Beach — Growing up within minutes of crystal clear sea water and powdered sugar white sand definitely ruined me for beach travel later in life. “You call this a beach!?” Though it looks like its been heavily commercialized by now, I highly recommend a trip out to the area to see the dazzling white sand and stick a toe in the fairly warm, calm water.
    caladesibeachumbrella-mattpaulson-courtesy of florida state parks
    I’m most interested in taking Jeanne to Caladesi Island. The state park has been ranked as one of the best beaches in America for several years. Because it’s a state park there’s no high rises in the background nor kitchy souvenir shops. You can access it via car or ferry.
  2. Busch Gardens — One of my earliest theme park memories and still, I think, one of the best. They have a savannah with wild animals you can tour via monorail; HIPPOS; and lots of actually good roller coasters. Plus the weekend of FTU starts their Howl O’ Scream version where the park becomes “haunted” at night and they have haunted houses and other Halloween themed options in addition to the rides.
  3. Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks — it was kitschy even when I was a kid, but there’s just something cool about seeing where real sponges come from. Tarpon Springs also has a significant Greek population and a variety of great restaurants.

If anyone has visited the area in the last couple of years, please feel free to make other recommendations of what we, or others, should see! Particularly restaurants!

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