December’s Birchbox Does “Sparkle &Shine”

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I’m almost afraid to blog about it – after several months early this year of pretty mediocre boxes, Birchbox has redeemed itself and it might be my favorite of the monthly subscription boxes? This month’s box was definitely a win!


December Birchbox Sparkle and Shine

After seeing the theme, I figured the box would either be amazing or completely bomb. Fortunately there was only one thing I didn’t care for. I’ll start with that.

I like candles, but this mini Starlight Votive Candle with its citrus/white musk scent permeated the entire box and was just much too much. I literally could no longer smell my Christmas tree for several hours just from having it out on the table (unlit).

December Birchbox Sparkle and Shine Starlight Votive Candle

The next items I pulled out were much better. Number 4 Hairspray. I tried out a sample of their clarifying shampoo earlier this year and quite liked it. I like the Skin&Co Roma Truffle Therapy Anti-Aging Boosting Therum. I’m always in the market for new facial moisturizers for the plane, and having truffle in the title just makes if feel even more luxurious.

December Birchbox Sparkle and Shine Number 4 hairspray skin&co truffle therapy

The little Birchbox envelope contained, what might be its best selection to date. A tiny bottle of Color Club metallic nail polish. I’m in love with the “top shelf” color which has a gold tone, but more more subtle and goes better with my skin. Perfect for holiday parties!

December Birchbox Sparkle and Shine Color Club Supersmile lip treatment

The other was a miniscule tube of Supersmile Ultimate Lip Treatment. Wow, this stuff is good! It smells a little medicinal, but two hours out in below freezing temperature without my lip gloss and within minutes I had relief.

Even the little Birchbox extra was right up my alley. One of those little screen cleaning squares that stick to your smart phone for easy “storage.” I’ve thought about getting one for ages, but was too cheap to drop a couple of dollars on something so minor.

December Birchbox Sparkle and Shine Screen cleaner

Definitely a winning box! If you’d like to give Birchbox a try, feel free to use my referral link! Also, please note that if you’re planning on gifting a subscription, December 17 is the last day to order for delivery by December 24.


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