High End Travel Size Beauty Products for $5 a Month

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I post alot about the contents of my monthly beauty boxes, but it’s been awhile since I’ve actually about why I love them so much and gift them to friends whenever appropriate. 🙂

I’m a creature of habit without alot of free time, so before Jeanne first introduced me to Birchbox, my amenity kit/liquids baggie was a hodgepodge of favorite products crammed in go gear tubes, full size items under 3 oz, and whatever the local drugstore had in a travel size when I unexpectedly ran out.

Enter Birchbox, then Glossybox and Sample Society.

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Each company sends you a monthly box with 5 travel-compatible sized beauty samples themed for the upcoming season. All are nice brands, some are more luxurious than others. (Check out my comparison).

Each also offers some kind of rebate on future purchases, and I’ve found Birchbox to be ridiculously generous with this.

  • Birchbox ($10 per month) offers up to 50 points for taking surveys about the products you received. 100 points can be redeemed for $10 in store credit (there’s dozens of options under $10), which means each month’s box winds up being only $5.
  • Glossybox ($21 per month) offers you up to 100 “Glossydots” a month for taking surveys about the products you’ve received. It takes 1,000 Glossydots to redeem for a free box, so you’re essentially getting one free each year.
  • Sample Society ($15 per month) sends a $15 off $50 coupon if you purchase anything that came in that month’s box. Essentially you get the box free if you buy a full size product. (If you’d like to sign up using my referral code, please use KERI2337)

And thanks to to them, I’ve found traveling for any occasion much much easier.

When traveling to Singapore during the late winter, I was already outfitted with splashy nailpolish, expensive SPF tinted moisturizer and hair control for the humidity.

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When I needed products to get glam for the Film Ball in Austria or the Freddie Awards in Seattle, I already had all the high end spray, sparkles, and makeup I needed. And it all fit in a quart-size plastic bag!

Even prepared for overnights in a completely different climate — I’m outfitted with all the moisturizer, sunscreen, and refreshing wipes for any occasion.

When Jeanne introduced me to my first box I was skeptical, but it’s turned into a great way to try new products and save time shopping and packing.

Note: If you subscribe to any of the boxes mentioned above using my links or referral code I will get points towards a free box. Thank you!


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