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This is the Month to Try Glossybox Travel Size Products

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Usually Glossybox is the monthly subscription I’m most uncertain about — will it blow my mind or waste my $21? The recent boxes have been increasingly good, but some previous months haven’t been. The recent post at the First Impressions Beauty blog has me pretty psyched about this month’s upcoming shipment though.

She’s identified that the boxes associated with bloggers or celebrities are consistently good — probably because the stakes are higher. And this month’s box is in collaboration with Byrdie.

I’ve been more than thrilled with the Goop Box from Birchbox and the Man Repeller Box from Glossybox (although funnily enough I completely disagree with that’s blog).

October Goop Birchbox

So if you’ve considered starting a Glossybox subscription or just buying an individual box, this is the month to do it! If you’re interested, feel free to sign up using my referral link.

Disclaimer: I will receive Glossybox points if you sign up using my referral link and then be terribly curious if you got the same selection and what you thought of it!


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