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Every time I get my monthly Sample Society box by Allure I’m surprised. In many ways it tends to be a sleeper — in between Birchbox and Glossybox as far as price and quality goes. It’s more consistently good — rarely thrilling but also rarely disappointing. This month was no exception.

October 2014 Sample Society contents

I was surprised to see the first item as usually it’s a little more upscale than a L’Oreal Paris shampoo/conditioner, in this case their Advanced Haircare Total Repair 5 ($4.99).

October 2014 Sample Society L'oreal paris shampoo

I was super excited to see my favorite type of hair ties — stretchy ribbons by Emi-Jay ($6.60 for 3). I love these kinds for flights and travel because they hold my hair back and up but the ribbon decreases the likelihood I’ll have awkward kinks at the pressure points.

October 2014 Sample Society Emi Jay Bobbi Brown

Also happy to see the Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara ($28). A good mascara that doesn’t run of turn my lashes into crunchy stalks is hard to find.

Very interested to try the Estee Lauder Enlighten Dark Spot Correcting Night Serum ($62 for 30ml) as recent travels have taken a toll on my skin. And of course, there’s the inevitable fragrance — Bond No. 9 High Line. At $200 for 50 ml, getting the candy wrapped tube is a good deal, but only if you like smelling like a mix of wood and wildflowers.

October 2014 Sample Society Bond No 9 Estee Lauder Enlighten

If you’re interested in trying Sample Society it runs $15 a month and offers a $10 coupon off $50 purchase of any of the items in the box. Sign up using my code KERI2337 and I’ll get credit towards another box.


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