What’s in the October Sample Society

a box of makeup products

Every time I get my monthly Sample Society box by Allure I’m surprised. In many ways it tends to be a sleeper — in between Birchbox and Glossybox as far as price and quality goes. It’s more consistently good — rarely thrilling but also rarely disappointing. This month was no exception.

a box of makeup products

I was surprised to see the first item as usually it’s a little more upscale than a L’Oreal Paris shampoo/conditioner, in this case their Advanced Haircare Total Repair 5 ($4.99).

a couple bottles of shampoo and conditioner in a box

I was super excited to see my favorite type of hair ties — stretchy ribbons by Emi-Jay ($6.60 for 3). I love these kinds for flights and travel because they hold my hair back and up but the ribbon decreases the likelihood I’ll have awkward kinks at the pressure points.

a box of eye shadow and a pencil

Also happy to see the Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara ($28). A good mascara that doesn’t run of turn my lashes into crunchy stalks is hard to find.

Very interested to try the Estee Lauder Enlighten Dark Spot Correcting Night Serum ($62 for 30ml) as recent travels have taken a toll on my skin. And of course, there’s the inevitable fragrance — Bond No. 9 High Line. At $200 for 50 ml, getting the candy wrapped tube is a good deal, but only if you like smelling like a mix of wood and wildflowers.

a blue bottle and green toothbrush

If you’re interested in trying Sample Society it runs $15 a month and offers a $10 coupon off $50 purchase of any of the items in the box. Sign up using my code KERI2337 and I’ll get credit towards another box.


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