March’s Sample Society Box Offers Travel Size Sun Removal, Blocking, and Faking

a box of beauty products

There was an interesting array of products in the March Sample Society shipment.

a box of beauty products

First up was the tube of “whitening” Premium Perfect Super Magic BB Cream SPF30 PA++, by the South Korean brand Hanskin. (Funny how “whitening” is so much less appealing to me than “lightens dark spots”, even though I’m sure it’s the same thing.

a black and orange tube next to an orange tube

The was also a tiny .08 oz bottle of  MD SolarSciences SPF 30 Mineral Tinted Creme that I was much more excited about. I don’t wear foundation most of the time, but I love tinted sunscreen.

Next was hair care from the same brand (Alterna) that makes my beloved Bamboo spray: a tube of Caviar Cream 10 in 1 leave in hair conditioner. So I’m quite excited to try.

a white tube and plastic container next to a white tube and blue hair clip

Less thrilled about the Jane Tran Bobby Pin & Clip. This is just my preference, but I think bobby pins should be invisible…

Anyway, the last item was intriguing, but wish it came with more details. It’s a very small tube (finger length) of Jane Iredale Tantasia self-tanner.

a tube of tan liquid on a pile of shredded paper

It claims you don’t need to moisturize, since its a daily moisturizing tanner that gradually develops color over a week. But I’m worried about what skin tones it’s intended for (usually these things come in light, medium, and dark) and skeptical there is enough in the sample for more than one application. But we’ll see (maybe)!

Sample Society runs $15 a month and comes with a $15 off $50 purchase of any of the items in the box. If you’re interested in trying it, please feel free to use my referral code at check out, KERI2337 which gives me credit towards a free box and first time customers a discount on BeautyBar.com purchases!


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