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The Most Expensive Hyatt in Santa Clara? Review of the Hyatt House

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The Hyatt House Santa Clara is one of the nicest Hyatt Houses I’ve stayed at, which is good since it also was pricing out higher per night than the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara only a few miles away! But I spent a night there anyway since I needed an extra stay towards Hyatt Diamond status.

I checked in around 9PM on a Friday, and the lobby was busy, but there was no wait for check in. The decor was unexpectedly elaborate, with faux European stone walls, etc.  I was given a room on the top floor at the far end. Parking was in the adjacent garage was convenient and free.

Hyatt House Santa Clara Entrance

Hyatt House Santa Clara Hallway

The room was very clean and new looking, though it felt a little small.

Hyatt House Santa Clara Bedroom

Hyatt House Santa Clara Kitchen Desk

Hyatt House Santa Clara Closet

Hyatt House Santa Clara Bathroom

The usual on-property dining option had been replaced with a Red Robin menu (which was kind of nice since the prices were cheaper).

Hyatt House Santa Clara Red Robin Menu

The thing that surprised me the most was the layout of the desk — there wasn’t a power outlet anywhere near it!

They gym was actually pretty great, which a variety of weights and machines, and plenty of towels.

Hyatt House Santa Clara Gym

Breakfast was less impressive and slightly limited. The dining room was pretty crowded so I didn’t take pictures, but there was an unmanned omelet station, one or two fruit options, scrambled eggs, pancakes, and the usual selection of cereal and breads. What threw me off was the meat option — what looked like slices of deli ham that had been lightly crisped in a pan.

All in all it was a perfectly fine stay, though as a Diamond I would probably favor the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara more if it were pricing out the same or cheaper.


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  1. MaryE

    September 14, 2014 at 6:23 pm

    I like the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara and can personally testify that in an earthquake on the 14th floor, the building still stood. Plus there are other perks for Diamond members.

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