The Bergdorf Goodman Glossybox Made Me Money

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When I heard about the upcoming Bergdorf Goodman Glossybox in May, I was super excited. The value typically is much higher with these kinds of partnerships — there’s a higher bar for quality and satisfaction when another company puts their brand on the line.

So I was anxiously awaiting it’s arrival and a few days it came in all it’s lavender glory.

May 2014 Glossybox Bergdorf Goodman

AND it came with 6 samples instead of 5, so I already liked it more!

May 2014 Glossybox Bergdorf Goodman contents

First up was a very intense ruby pink luminous gloss from Chantecaille. I’ll never pay $34 for a lip gloss, but it’s super fun to try. And a little bottle of Atelier Rose Anonyme Cologne Absolue which retails at $140 for 3.4 oz. I don’t wear fragrance, but it made a friend’s day!

May 2014 Glossybox Bergdorf Goodman Chantecaille Atelier cologne

Then Revive Intensite Volumizing Eye Serum designed to plump, rebuild, and recontour the delicate eye area. Since it retails at $350 for .5 0z, I’m THRILLED I get a chance to try it for free. The same with the Lancer Eye Contour lifting cream which diminishes the apperance of dark circles among other things. $95 for .5 oz. whew.

May 2014 Glossybox Bergdorf Goodman Lancer eye revive serum

The more modest, but still nice offerings were the Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Skin Primer ($45 for 1.7 oz) and the Alterna Caviar CC 10-in-1 complete corrective hair cream ($25 for 2.5 oz) which I’d received in an earlier box.

May 2014 Glossybox Bergdorf Goodman napoleon perdis alterna caviar


And as a bonus, each box came with a $25 Bergdorf Goodman gift card, with no minimum spend. Which meant I’d essentially made $4 since the purchase price was $21 (even more since it’s much cheaper with a yearly subscription).

This was definitely one of those Glossyboxes I’m thrilled with. If you’re interested in trying out Glossybox, I’d love it if you use my referral link which will give me 200 Glossydots towards a free box 🙂


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