My First Flight Simulator Experience Was in a Cocktail Dress

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Thursday night Jeanne and I attended the Freddie Awards out in Seattle and it was far more lively than you would assume an award ceremony for hotels and airlines would be.

It was taking place at the Museum of Flight, so around 5PM we headed out to catch one of the first buses transporting folks from the hotel. We’d just settled into our seats when one of the organizers came on board and told us to get off. “You’re kicking us off the bus?”

We were instructed to get on the second bus, which wound up being a “party bus” complete with Vegas themed interior and blaring rock music. It got the evening off to a fun start, not the least of which was seeing all blank/stunned looks on the industry executives who boarded the bus after us 🙂

Freddie Awards 2014 Party Bus

We arrived at the museum shortly after and slightly deaf, but eager to check in. Because there was free use of the flight simulators for the first part of the evening! Now I had never been in a flight simulator and though excited, wasn’t sure what to expect.

Seattle Museum of Flight Simulators

So when I saw some of them spinning crazily, I got a little worried (prone to motion sickness). We voted Jeanne the pilot and I was the gunner, and soon enough we climbed in (still in our 4 inch heels) and were strapped into the seats.

It was SO much fun! We spent more than half the time hanging completely upside down while Jeanne followed enemy planes and I merrily fired missiles. It ended all too soon, but we walked out (me swaying slightly) with 5 hits and Ace status.

Jeanne Keri Freddie Awards 2014 Museum of Flight

That was definitely a great start to a fun evening. There was a lavish cocktail reception sponsored by American Express and we were free to wander around the museum exhibits. The actual award ceremony and dinner was held under an old stealth plane, the stage directly beneath the body of a US Air plane.

Freddie Awards ceremony 2014 Museum of Flight

Freddie Awards Stage 2014 Museum of Flight

It was my first flight simulator experience and my first time at the Freddies and I won’t soon forget either!


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