Heels That Can Go Through TSA PreCheck

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One of the biggest disappointments my first few times through TSA precheck was discovering my heels still had to come off. And that’s because most lovely, slender heels are reinforced with metal, which, you guessed it, set off the metal detector.

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I wrote about this a few years ago and was recently contacted by Bob Sullivan who was doing a piece on this problem, sparked by reader comments and this retired TSA advertisement still used by via via

I wish you could wear heels like that through security!

In talking to him and attempting to recommend TSA precheck-worthy heels, I realized very little has changed in the last 4 years. I have only identified a couple of metal-free heels and most of the time it’s a matter of real-time testing in the security lane as product details rarely mention whether metal is used. And googling TSA compliant heels doesn’t yield useful results.

Why don’t I give in and wear flats? Besides pride and obstinance, it’s a matter of space. I usually try to wear my most bulky (abet comfortable) shoes on a trip to free up space in my carry on. And if it’s just a day trip for work, I need to look professional and travel light, my laptop case doesn’t have room for a second pair of shoes.

Some of the time I do give in, donning flip flops or Teva Zirra sandals (which can also be used on the treadmill at the hotel gym) for security and resuming my heels once I’m through.  But even those thin shoes take up space I don’t always have.

So back to the original problem — what heels can you wear through airport security?

My list is pathetically small, and one of my go-to options was recently discontinued. I welcome readers’ recommendations on any pairs they’ve had success with!

I’ll try to update as others share their picks.

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