Great Strappy Sandals for Summer Site Seeing

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Chic shoes that are suitable for hours of walking and possibly hiking? Tough to find, but not impossible. And my success with and love of Teva Cabrillo and Zirra sandals have me in a bit of a rut. So when I was looking for something a little higher and even more feminine, I went straight for the Teva Riviera Wedge Strappy sandals.

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I loved the cork, I loved the height, I was skeptical of the strappiness. That usually spells bad news for comfort– lots of little straps can mean lots of little blisters and pinches. But I couldn’t resist.

These are shoes that need a lot of breaking in! Not just around the house, but an hour or two at a time walking around. I don’t have a wide foot, and those straps were digging in, leaving the tops of my feet sore if I wore them all day. But after a week my efforts paid off.

Once they’ve loosened up, they’re a gem! A footbed so comfortable I forget I’m wearing heels. And so well soled that I had no problem scampering unhindered up the hill at Foamhenge.

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They’re fun and playful, and elegant enough I could easily go to a nice restaurant after a lengthy stroll about town.

So my new favs for the summer, though a few reservations for weekend trips.

  • Those many straps mean they shouldn’t be worn on consecutive days (to give your feet a chance to rest)
  • If your feet have a tendency to swell on long flights, they’lll probably be painful.
  • Since they’re wedges they take up luggage space and are a little heavier than heels.

So a good choice for longer trips or if you have enough room in your weekend bag to pack multiple pairs of shoes.

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