Travel Heels That Don’t Feel Like Heels: Teva Cabrillo

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A few months ago I posted about my search for an attractive hiking sandal and the options I’d considered. The Teva Cabrillo wedge which features a modest 2″ wedge heel was one of them, but I ultimately opted in favor of the cheaper and more sensible Teva Zirra (which was a huge success).
Teva Women's Cabrillo Sandal

After seeing someone in the security line wearing them during my Easter Island trip, I wound up using my 20% off coupon for signing up for the Amazon Shoe newsletter to try them and a few other pairs that had tempted me (review to come).

They’re incredibly comfortable, I needed no time to break them in. The rubber sole is incredibly flexible and rugged, so easy to wear that I would forget I was wearing heels and wonder if I looked nice enough to go in some restaurants. And that’s their biggest appeal in my opinion, the fact they have a little bit of heel which spiffs up any outfit a little bit and makes even casual attire more acceptable for dressier venues.

I was worried that walking across wet sand and then jamming them back in the sandals would ruin the suede lining, but it seemed to suffer no ill effects. And I definitely see myself being able to beat Jeanne in our next race through the terminals to catch a flight.

Teva Cabrillo Sandal dresses up casual outfit

The only negatives? The straps are velcro and occasionally you might hit something with your ankle that catches the strap and releases your foot (like happened to me when boarding the ferry). The other negative — the heel is only 2″, which barely feels elevated to me. If they were 3″ or 4″, I’m pretty sure they’d be my new favorites. And the fact I decided to try them because I saw someone else wearing them says alot for their attractiveness.

Update 5/20/16: These have now become my favorite travel shoes for warm weather. They look great, the low heel means I can go for days and miles without feeling the impact. And though I don’t recommend wearing any shoe on back to back days in order to rest your feet, these are perfect for weekend trips because I don’t have to pack anything else.


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