My Favorite Travel Heels Are On Sale: 2 Pairs for $99

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Just a quick head’s up: Rockport.com is having a sale on select men & women’s shoes — $99 for two pairs with code ITTAKES2. This translates into a $20-$50 savings on most pairs, though be aware that some of the shoes included in the sale might be cheaper without the coupon.

Why am I excited? They make one of my favorite pairs of travel high heels, my original pair just biting the dust last month after four years or hard use. They were favorites because the insoles had adidas running shoe technology making it a lot more comfortable to be on your feet all day.

Seven to 7 Heel with adidas Insole

The updated Seven to 7 and Total Motion versions appear to be even better for travel with a less chic, but more practical (now rubber) sole that won’t slip when running through freshly waxed airport terminals.

Total Motion Pointed Toe Pump

If you’re not in the market for a pretty heel, the women’s selection also includes wedge sandals and some low profile sneaker.

For my male readers, I obviously don’t have first hand experience, but some of my friends like options like their Manning Park slip on as a non-sneaker casual work and slightly nicer all day site-seeing shoe.

And if you like earning cash & points for online purchases, you can increase the savings. A quick sweep of Cashbackholic turned up the following offers at portals I use:

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