Shoe Review: Rockport Pumps with Adidas Technology

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Over the Christmas holidays a pair of Rockport Presia Pumps went on sale for $40. I’ve been very curious about heels paired with running shoe technology but always choked a little at the price tag, so when some came within my range, I jumped on it.

Rockport Presia Pump

I spent the month of January testing them out. I wore them during my 6 hours shopping trip for cold weather walking shoes; I wore them on work days where I was on my feet a lot and days where I was behind the desk. I even wore them several days in a row to see if the superior technology would result in less soreness.

The results, as compared to my current favorite heels:

  • Look: They’re a good looking shoe, much better in person than online. The rounded toe is pretty flattering and the 3 3/4” heel is both slender and stable.
  • Comfort: They’re comfortable, not more so than my favorite pairs of heels, but my foot remained unaffected during a normal day.
  • Long-term comfort: I kept waiting for the Adidas technology to “kick in.” But at the end of the shopping trip or a particularly long 12-14 hour day, my feet were starting to hurt and insole felt hard. Wearing them several days in a row had the same results as my other shoes. Overall they were not as good long term as my preferred NineWest, BCBG, or Christin Michaels heels.

Bottom Line: If you already have comfortable heels, then these will be a nice addition, rather than an improvement. If you’ve had difficulty finding a comfortable pair of heels then it might be worth trying these out. They’re well made, but I wouldn’t recommend spending more than your usual for them.

They do have some beautiful color options other than the black pair that I bought though, so if those also drop to $40 I will be tempted.

Now I’m just hoping a pair of Cole Haan Air heels will drop below $90 so I can give them a try. For readers who own a pair or a pair of the Rockport’s above, what has been your experience?

Note: If you make a purchase using the link above, Jeanne & I will get referral credit and I’ll come that much closer to justifying splurging on a pair of Cole Haan’s for “research purposes.”


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