You Can Now Use Alaska Miles to Get TSA Precheck, But Is It Worth It?

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Alaska Airlines just announced Mileage Plan members can use their miles to cover the cost of applying for TSA pre check. Through April 30, you can redeem 10,000 miles to waive the $85 application fee.

How To Redeem

Alaska airlines how to redeem miles for tsa pre check

Email with name and mileage plus number, they’ll reply with a code that will waive the $85 fee on your TSA pre check application

Is It A Good Use of Alaska Miles?

Probably not. Chances are you’ll be able to get more than $85 worth of value from those 10,000 Alaska Air miles. Round trip economy class award tickets (including travel on Delta and American Airlines) within the lower 48, Alaska, and Canada start at only 25,000 miles.

Alaska Airlines award chart 2016 us canada

Intra-Alaska awards start at 15,000 miles and flights from Anchorage to Barrow or other areas are often $300+.

Alaska Airlines award chart 2016 intra state

If it were Delta, that would be a different matter, but unless you only have 10,000 Alaska miles and no likelihood of accruing more, you’re better off paying the application or using your loyalty program or credit card benefits to cover the fee.

Not sure if its worth the initial effort and invasion of privacy? Here are three reasons I love TSA pre check.

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