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As I mentioned earlier this month, my multiple trips to Europe during a cold and rainy season has prompted me to search for comfortable walking shoes that will pair with everything and won’t get caught in cobblestones. I tried out my first pair — Bare Traps Gallant Boots which run about $50 on Amazon.

Baretraps gallant boot

As the weather turned out, I should have been trying the Merrell Captiva Launch boot since it was flat soled and waterproof. But that’s not what I packed so I made the best of it, and it actually turned out well. The boots are man-made materials with a 2 1/4 inch heel and a great tread.

Most of my time in Ireland was spent walking on water soaked, muddy ground in the rain or clambering up steep stone steps.

Keri ballinskellig beach

Keri Torc Waterfall Killarney National Park

Because they weren’t leather, the rain wasn’t a problem, and wiping them off with a spare napkin kept my feet from getting too cold. Overall, I couldn’t believe how comfortable they were. Even after several days in a row of wearing them my feet weren’t overly sore. The only time they were uncomfortable, funnily enough, was on the plane. I guess the change in cabin pressure made them feel tight?

I’m a huge fan of these boots. The modest heel keeps them dressy enough for evenings but manageable for hikes to waterfalls. The padded insoles make them comfortable enough for multiple days of walking. The elasticized back is handy if you build up calf muscles from all the walking. The only downside is that knee boots are always bulky to pack in carry-on.


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