5 Tips for Traveling Comfortably in Heels

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If you prefer when traveling to look as good, if not better, as you do in your normal life, at some point you’ve probably felt the (literal) pinch of wearing awesome looking shoes and trying not to hobble. A few quick tips that have helped me sashay my way through terminals pain and blister free.Cathay Pacific first class

1. Take the time to find heels that are comfortable! I have some I can wear 8 hours and some I can wear 12+, but I’ve finally cut out all heels that I can’t last more than an hour or two in.

2. Don’t wear any shoes back to back days. This includes even sneakers. When I rotate my shoes so I never wear any pair two days in a row, my feet bounce back from even the harshest experiences. Giving your feet a chance to relax and recouperate from a specific shoe fit decreases the chance of blisters, bruising, and overall soreness. Even if you’re swapping one 3 inch pair for another. Ideally you’d be choosing a different style, but even if you have the same shoe in two or more colors, switching between the two will still help.

3. Use Yoga Toes after a long day or walking or travel. They stretch your foot muscles and help realign the bones, making a big difference after only 30 minutes. If you have crooked toes or bunions, they apparently will fix that as well. I prefer the pricier real ones because I like the quality of the gel, but you can get  inexpensive, just as effective versions for $5-10.

4. Pack wedges or thick heels if you’re going to be walking on alot of brick, cobblestone, or uneven pavement. Not having to watch every step you’re taking is refreshing. If that’s not possible, at least invest in a pair of solemates — a clear (or black) tip that fits over your current heels and provides a wider platform more suited to cracks in a sidewalk or events in the grass.

Solemates clear heel guard

5. Choose heels made of materials and colors that will hide or minimize scuffs and dirt. Rain, dust, and rough walking conditions are par for the course! Man-made materials aren’t as nice as leather, but are great for rainy, muddy days. The last thing you want to have to worry about when running for your cab, bus, or plane is whether there’s a puddle in your way.


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