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My Search For New Black Traveling Pumps

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The writing is on the closet, my favorite pair of 4″ black Marc Jacobs pumps, which I scored for $30 at Ross, are about to fall apart. I’ve had them resoled, but there’s nothing I can do about the tears starting on the inside. So I need to find a comfortable pair as soon as possible.

Shoe shopping is only fun when you can browse and aren’t in desperate need of the shoe you’re looking for. The race is on to find another comfortable close toed black pump that I can sprint through terminals in. While there’s still time I”m going to start cheap and then maybe work my way up to finally trying the Cole Haan (Nike) Air pump. And yes, I could take the easy way out and just get a black pair of my favorite Nine West Rocha pumps but I think having six pairs with the same shape is enough, not to mention then no one would ever hear about any other options!

So my first attempt was opportunistic: the Rampage Women’s Nessa Platform black patent pump came up on Amazon for $14.82 marked down from $25-$40. Rampage isn’t always the best construction but I’ve had several pairs from that brand in the past. I read the reviews, saw they were running large and ordered half a size down.

They arrived this week, the day of the snow storm actually, and I couldn’t wait to try them. They don’t look cheap, but you can tell the materials aren’t the best, but that’s not a deal breaker if they feel great, I’ll just order 3 more pairs and change them out as they age. Well, unfortunately, not that comfortable. That’s the biggest 8 1/2 I’ve ever worn, I should have ordered a full size down. And while they were comfortable to begin with, halfway through the day my foot started slightly farther down and they started coming off my heels.  And the internal platform isn’t constructed all the way to the edge of the shoe which gives a weird feeling to your instep.

So overall rating: Not worth the money.

Black pumps are such a staple and comfort is so important on a shoe like this that shopping online is going to be difficult and I’m going to have to haunt the sales at DSW, Macys, and the racks at Ross and Marshalls.

Do any readers have recommendations for black pumps you’ve found useful?


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