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3 Days In Singapore: Overnight at the Sheraton North Houston

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Some of you might be happy to know that my recent overnight at the Sheraton North Houston was deliberate, and not a result of missing a flight. I’d decided to fly in the night before to minimize the chance of missing my Singapore Air flights due to bad weather in DC.

For the overnight, I wanted to stay at a Hyatt in Houston while I was still a Diamond, and thus avoid having to pack any toiletries at all 🙂 But the Hyatt was running $150+ and the Sheraton near to the airport was only 3,000 points. I’m a platinum so I’d get a late checkout which would maximize my productivity wrapping up some work items.

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I landed at Houston around 10PM and call the hotel for a shuttle pickup as I’m nearing baggage claim. It took them about 15-20 minutes to get there. If you have no checked bags, I recommend calling as soon as you’re off the plane. Once on board it only took 10 minutes to reach the hotel. Check in was swift and painless, I requested a late checkout and was told cheerfully I didn’t even need to ask as I was entitled to my room until 5PM.

The lounge was on the 10th floor and breakfast was served from 6-9. The lobby bar was open til midnight, but as it was already 10:30, I was more interested in getting some rest. Much of the hotel is under renovations, which led to fun sites, like this picture, taken when I accidentally hit the wrong number on the elevator.

Sheraton Houston North Rennovations
My room on the 9th floor had clearly been renovated. In fact, the smell of paint and glue was so strong in the hallway I wondered if the wallpaper had just been put on that day.

Sheraton Houston North 9th floor

My room looked modern and clean and was pretty comfortable. I’d read reviews about the walls being paper thin. They weren’t paper thin, but they were thin. I could hear major noises and loud conversations, but fortunately not everything.

Sheraton Houston North Club floor room


Sheraton Houston North sink

Sheraton Houston North Bathroom

I was feeling a little thirsty and hungry, so rather than shelling out for room service, which I really shouldn’t have since I splurged on a cab to the airport, I went in search of the vending machines. I figured even a $2 soda and $1.50 snack was cheaper than room service. I found the machines and was devastated by the cold digital message – coins only.

Sheraton Houston North snack machine

coins only
So in a moment of inspiration (I’m still not used to being a Starwood Platinum) I went up to the 10th floor to see if the lounge was open. The lounge, having no door, but on a floor accessible only by key card, was open.

Sheraton Houston North Club Lounge

There was a small fridge with bottled water and a fun variety of sodas including Mr. Pibb and Diet Dr. Pepper and a bowl of granola bars and fruit set out. I grabbed a Nature’s Own and a soda and went back to my room, falling asleep before I was halfway through munching.

The next morning, still on East Coast time, I showed up in the lounge at 7AM. The lounge was full of solitary travelers like myself, but the attendant was good about clearing tables quickly and no one ever had to wait for a seat. The presentation was great, but even though there was old-fashioned oatmeal, scrambled eggs, toast and bagels, waffles, fruit, cereal, and lots of yogurt options, I missed having something like potatoes to round out my eggs.

Sheraton Houston North Club Lounge Breakfast 2

Sheraton Houston North Club Lounge Breakfast

And thus wound up with a yellow breakfast 🙂

Breakfast at Sheraton Houston North Club Lounge

Once again, kudos to the lounge attendant. He was observant and not only kept everything looking great, but quickly picked up on my confusion regarding the coffee machine and helped me find the hot water button to make my tea.

Sheraton Houston North Club Lounge Beverage

The night before I realized that although I’d brought cords for all my electronic devices, I’d brought the wrong one for my phone. So I headed down to the front desk where they loaned me with a charger. Now fully equipped, I plowed through a lot of work, heading down to the hotel restaurant for lunch.

The cute bistro style restaurant was pretty full. They had a decent menu which included a soup and salad buffet with a deli and/or hot meal add-on option.

Sheraton Houston North Bistro Restaurant

After seeing the buffet’s limitations though I decided to be bad and go for the chicken fingers which were delicious – just like giant McDonald’s chicken nuggets.

Sheraton Houston North Lobby Restaurant Chicken Fingers

I headed back up to the lounge to grab a soda, found it overrun with kids, and quickly fled. After finishing a few things up I decided to catch an earlier shuttle to the airport. Given my recent bad luck/poor strategy, I didn’t want to take any chances. So I checked out, enjoying the pleasant banter of the employees at reception, and sat down to wait for the shuttle.

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