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You Can’t Wear Heels Through TSA Pre-Check

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One of the saddest discoveries this year is that none of my heels can be worn through TSA Pre-check. I’ve had TSA pre-check for awhile through my United 1K status, but as I’ve been focusing on my US Airways status and/or flying through airports that don’t offer it, I wasn’t really able to tell if it was just certain heels or all my heels that would set the X-ray off.

It was a bummer to trip merrily through the X-ray with all my clothes and shoes on, my liquids and laptop in their bags. Only to be stopped by the alarm. And then to be told the shoes had to come off.

And now that I have Global Entry and am qualifying for TSA Pre-check on every flight, it’s become clear no heel in my collection is without some metal construction 🙁 I’m sure a few of my wedges might make it through, but since the point of pre-check is to save time and discomfort, it’s not really worth trying.

So for now, my default is to wear my Teva Zirra sandals through security and then change into my heels at my convenience (my achilles ache if I’m flat footed too long). Fortunately the sandals are thin enough to easily fit in an outer compartment on my carry-on and not take too much space.

If anyone has found attractive, comfortable heels that can make it through TSA Pre-check, I’d love to know!


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