100% Rebate on Flights & Other News

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Highlights and headlines from this week:

Silver Airways is offering a 100% rebate on flights booked through June 26 with code REBATEME. The rebate/travel credit can then be applied for travel August 16-October 19. Silver Airways flies to a lot of Florida and Caribbean desitations — soon to include Cuba. Also few years ago their new Frequent Flyer program allowed you to credit flights to United. Now that’s apparently been expanded to include JetBlue as well.

Silver Airways 100 rebate

Spirit and Frontier Airlines are joining TSA Precheck! If this makes you want to try out the low-cost, high fee carrier, be sure to check out Tiff’s Complete Guide to Flying Spirit Airlines.

These designer runways had never-before-heard Prince sountracks, jazz bands, and champagne.

American Airlines quietly changed the minimum check in time from 30 minutes to 45 minutes this week. But turns out they didn’t really change it.

Also I finally posted about my first time flying in any Dreamliner Business ClassAnd about when you should consider getting to the airport at least 3 hours in advance.

Trying not to stress about the flight delays.

Trying not to stress about the flight delays.

Sheradill is a new website to score HIP Hotel Portfolio luxury hotel rooms for pretty cheap. Getting the best discount seems pretty involved, but fortunately Deal Mommy seems to have figured it out! I’m interested, just need to wait for my next trip to Europe to test it out. Sign up via this link and we’ll both get a 20€ credit.

Amazon has more gift cards at a 20% discount and if you’re in the market for silcone travel bottles there is a well reviewed option at 71% off.

I just got the Citi Prestige Card a month ago and was telling my dad about it last night. Now he might get one. So now I might write a review. Stay tuned!

Does anyone have suggestions for really good wineries to visit in Arizona?


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