Silver Airways Started a Frequent Flyer Program. Sort Of.

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Silver Airways Silver Circle

I flew Silver Airways for the first time last year, discovering that though they fly United codeshares, their flights will only count towards United status and miles and no other Star Alliance partner.

I once again wound up with a Silver Airways segment and went to their website to see if I could choose seats in advance. I could not, but I did see that they’ve started a frequent flyer program, Silver Circle.

Quickly scanning the webpage, I zeroed in on the mention of “ability to add multiple affiliated airline partner frequent flyer numbers to profile.” Did this mean I could get credit towards other Star Alliance partners? Might as well sign up and see, and perhaps they’d even wind up doing something cool for “founding members” like other companies have done in the past.

So imagine my surprise when I filled out the form and saw my affiliated airline partner options:

Silver Airways Airline Partners

I could choose United and earn United miles. Or I could choose Silver Airways and earn…United miles. Hmmmm.

Now going back to the original page and reading more closely I saw the clarifying statement I’d missed earlier (highlighting mine).

Silver Airways Silver Circle features to come

Ok, so this really is a fledgling program. It may never really be worth pursuing  since I only seem to fly them once a year, but I’m going to keep an eye on them in case they turn into an easier means of keeping Star Alliance Gold status like Aegean Airlines.



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