Beware: Silver Airways Segments Only Credit to MileagePlus

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Earlier this fall, in order to maximize my EQMs I booked a flight to Gainesville that went through Fort Lauderdale. DC to Fort Lauderdale would get me 899 miles and then the flight from Fort Lauderdale to Gainesville would net an additional 500 miles (since the actual 281 miles is below the minimum). I saw that the FLL-GNV segment was a code-share with United Airlines operated by Silver Airways, but since United was Star Alliance, I didn’t even think twice about it.

I’ve already documented the problems I had at the Fort Lauderdale airport, but once I did catch the flight I was pretty happy. Except for the seating arrangements. I’d deliberately picked a seat in the front to avoid turbulance, but upon boarding we were all told to sit anywhere we liked behind row 8 for weight reasons. So I wound up pretty far back. But they do offer full cans of soda/bottles of water and complimentary pretzels which is always a nice touch.

The US Airways segment credited almost immediately, but several weeks later the United leg still hadn’t shown up. A month or two later I finally got around to following up and requesting the missing miles. Imagine my surprise when after filling in all the information on the US Airways site I was informed the flight was eligible to earn miles!

So I did a little bit of research and discovered that Silver Airways is a partner of Mileage Plus/United airlines but from the Silver website, it appears you can’t credit your flown miles to any other Star Alliance partner. But at least there was still United!

So then I went to request the missing miles from United (since the segment couldn’t credit to US Airways) and ran in to more trouble. When I tried to request the missing miles through the United form, I was told my ticket number wasn’t recognized. When I tried to request credit through the Star Alliance partners form, Silver Airways was not an option. So I tried to request credit for it as a US Airways flight but lacked the booking class, since my boarding pass and Orbitz receipt were both surprisingly bare of info.

So other than calling customer service, I’m out of options but really want my 500 miles credited to someone! Anyone had this experience with Silver Airways flights or have suggestions?


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