Rent the Runway Makes Going Glam on the Road Easy

a box with a piece of clothing in it

After my first wave of excitement about winning tickets to the Vienna Film Ball, slight panic set in when I realized I had less than two weeks to get a formal gown.

Rent the Runway wound up being perfect for this! It’s essentially rent a tux for women. You can rent a designer dress for a long weekend, usually for less than $100. Its shipped either to your home or destination, pristine in a box. Once your event is over, you just cram it into the soft UPS mailer and send it back for free. Jeanne had written about it last summer but I’d never had occasion to try it.

a box with a piece of clothing in it

You, like me, might wonder how you can pick the perfect size without trying it on? One of the many things I love is you get a second size for free (plus shipping costs). And you can pick out a second style (also with a free second size), for a nominal charge. Thus covering all your bases. And the reader reviews and photos are pretty extensive and really helpful.

And if you’re still not sure what to pick, they also have online consultants to help you figure out what will look best. And if none of that works, they apparently will overnight alternatives  or give you a full refund if you send them back within 24 hours.

I chose two very different styles, and though my “back up†dress turned out the best, both were great options and cost much less than buying one, both in time and financial investment.

a woman in a red dress
Original Choice
two women in dresses posing for a picture
Back up dress (friend not included)

And had my event been in the country, it would have been absolutely perfect as I could just ship them back from my hotel once the event was over and could free up suitcase space!

And the highlight to the evening was when the model sitting at our table told me she liked my dress and asked who the designer was. And since I had picked a $1000 Nicole Miller gown, I could tell her. 😉

If you’re interested in trying it out, please sign up using my referral link or Jeanne’s. You (and one of us) will get $20 rental credit after your first rental.


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    1. They have two sizes for most dresses, tall and regular, with the length specified. From the few comparisons I’ve done it looks like “tall” is the version we see in retail stores and the regular is more likely to fit average height. Reading the reviews helped me determine which would fit best, though it does seem like most people wear sky high heels in the long dresses.

  1. You look beautiful! I just wore my first Rent the Runway dress to a black tie gala this weekend and it was a great experience. I’m 5’3″ and the regular size fit perfect once I put my heels on. So much easier than finding a dress and having to hem it. Highly recommend.

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