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Sending flowers can be a great way to earn alot of miles, in some case making it almost cheaper to earn miles through floral deliveries than purchasing via the airline website. But as some readers have pointed out in the comments on my last post, the shipping charges and fees add up.

Right now you can earn 30 American AAdvantage miles at 1-800Flowers, which comes in at  3.3 cents a mile. Once you add in taxes and fees though, a $50 bouquet suddenly becomes $69 and the cost per mile suddenly becomes 4.6 cents a mile. So not bad, but not a terribly good deal either.

But if you could get rid of that $14.99 service fee, then you’re buying miles for the same or less than the airline’s websites and getting free flowers! 1-800Flowers’ Passport program let’s you do just that.

1800flowers passport free shipping

I experimented with it last year, spending $29.99 upfront to get 12 months of free or discounted shipping. (Orders placed within two days of delivery are charged a nominal fee of ~$5). It also applies to purchases made on any of their sites, including 1-800Baskets, Cheryl’s Cookie Gifts, The Popcorn Factory, and Fannie May!

1800flowers passport free shipping partners

And the best part is, the discount is applied when you log in and doesn’t conflict with the airline’s shopping portal code, so you’re still earning miles! The $50 bouquet, now $53 with tax, is getting me miles for 3.5 cents a mile, plus the flowers!

If you send flowers more than twice a year and like to earn airlines or points, I highly encourage you to consider signing up for Passport. For a listing of current mileage offers on 1-800Flowers, see my previous post.

Note: If you purchase a Passport membership using the links above, Jeanne & I might receive affiliate credit. Do not use our links to purchase flowers or you’ll lose out on the airline miles!


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