Would You Prefer a Mattress in the River or a View With a Room?

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When perusing CBS Boston/Thrillist’s Top 10 Coolest Treehouse Hotels, I came across Bangkok Treehouse Hotel and had to take a closer look.

The room that earned a mention was the “View with a room” option for ~$215 a night. A suite 23 feet up with no walls or roof. “The stars and sky are your ceiling, the trees and forest are your walls.”

Bangkok Treehouse Hotel view with a room

I wonder what the contingency plan for rain is?

The room that most caught my attention was the River Nest. A double mattress on the river. That’s it.

Bangkok Treehouse Hotel River Nest

No price was listed and availability was dependent on the tides. Having taken a tour of some of Bangkok’s waterways and seen lots of large fish and monitors in the very murky water, it would definitely not be for me!

They also had some beautiful, slightly more conventional rooms available, and what really appealed to me were the amenities included with each room. I wish some of the chain hotels would consider these perks! 🙂

Bangkok Treehouse Hotel Included Amenities

I might try the wall-less room, but draw a line at the river. Would you?


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