“…And Enjoy the Roses In The Sink”

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It’s been a long time since I’ve found myself in a two star hotel, and it was quite the experience. But it proved to be a constant source of laughs in an otherwise stressful situation.

I accompanied a friend to the Mayo Clinic this week. Her stay was going to be anywhere from 4 days to two weeks, so budget and location were an issue. That ruled out every points redemption option as well as Hotwire and Priceline, which is how we wound up at this 2* gem.

It was tired and old, but clean and very quirky.

Every room had a giant window the length of the room looking out…into the hallways.

The website showed a picture of a pool, but when we arrived there was a nicely remodeled breakfast area with wooden flooring in the shape of a pool.

Our room smelled strongly of ethnic food. My friend was so tired, changing rooms was not a viable option. So instead we played “guess the smell” every time we came back from an appointment. 🙂 As my Scentsy travel tin attempted to take control. It faded from Indian food to Chinese stir fry to pickles, back to stir fry, and then finally “musty New York apartment.”

Almost every lamp was unplugged when we entered, and one wall lamp was permanently unplugged since the outlets closest to it was occupied by the TV. Through out the stay, lamps continued to be randomly unplugged when we’d get back.

But the best moment of the trip was when my friend was giving me tips on the bathroom:

‘You need to flick the light switch to the left and hold it, wait for the flicker and let go.”

“If you don’t shut the side door firmly it will swing wide open as soon as you close the other door.”

“There is toilet paper. It’s just underneath the sink in the last place you’d look for it.”

“Oh, and be sure to enjoy the roses in the sink.”


I walked in, took one look at the sink and sank down on the floor crying with laughter. For the next couple of days any time we needed a pick-me-up I’d pull up that picture of the sink.

What’s your funniest hotel experiences?

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