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Sale On My Favorite Summer Travel Dress

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Ideeli (turning into Ideel) has one of my favorite travel dresses by Mlle Gabrielle this summer on sale today for $24.99, plus an extra 10% off today only. (If you don’t already have an account, I’d love it if you signed up using my referral link which will make my purchase today free!)

ideeli mille sleeveless dress

I currently have the sleeveless polka dot dress in brown, and love it! (I found mine at Ross and haven’t been able to track it down anywhere else.)

mlle gabrielle keri travel dress

The collar makes it suitable for both hacking around on a weekend and slightly more structured work picnics, outdoor events, etc. The lightweight fabric is great for hot climates. And best of all: POCKETS!

The one downside is that it is 100% cotton so it will wrinkle — so when packing be prepared to touch up with an iron and perhaps avoid wearing it on long flights where the back of the skirt might get hopelessly creased. Otherwise it’s a great choice for looking spiffy as you stroll around new towns (or old favorites).


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