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Balancing Adventure and Safety When Traveling Solo

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At least half the time I travel alone which means I usually get to do everything I want without compromise, but sometimes it means I have to curtail my plans when being alone might make me more of a target.

I was reminded of this early yesterday morning when I wanted to try out a breakfast place in Vegas. The Ellis Island Cafe was reported to be a great place to grab an inexpensive meal and tired of mediocre pricey food, I decided I’d go for an early bite.
Ellis Island Cafe

It was a 20 minute walk off the Strip attached to the Motel 8 which some Yelp reviews mentioned as being “scary” but I wasn’t worried. It’s daylight, I’m sober and I used to train in mixed martial arts, I’d be fine.

But the walk was mostly by service entrances of large buildings and empty lots. There weren’t a whole lot of people out yet, just a few homeless men and drunk guys.

It’s not often that my “spidey sense” tingles and I was no longer feeling completely comfortable making the trek alone. Feeling foolish, but somewhat relieved, I turned around halfway and headed back to my hotel.

solo travel in Las Vegas breakfast

I wound up grabbing a McGriddle at McDonald’s and a free coffee (a poor substitute for the Loaded Breakfast Sandwich I’d been imagining) and made the best of it munching by the Bellagio entrance and enjoying the weird little cadre of ducklings so industriously paddling around the perimeter. Kind of wondering if I had made to big a deal and should have continued on.

Bellagio Fountains duckling

I probably would have been completely fine, but I so rarely feel uneasy that I pay attention when I do, regardless of my location. Sometimes going off the beaten path just isn’t quite worth it.

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