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30 Seconds Could Save You Hours of Frustration at the Airport

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I wasn’t supposed to be racing through the Charlotte airport this morning, I was supposed to be prepping for several meetings.

BUT at least I was on an early morning flight out of Charlotte rather than spending the morning on standby. All because I checked the flight status before I left for the airport the night before.

This advice isn’t emphasized enough for infrequent (and seasoned) travelers, but to me it’s second only to “run for the nearest customer service desk while calling the reservations line if your flight is cancelled”

My first flight was delayed which meant I’d miss the last flight to DC that night. Handling it on the phone before I left I was able to rebook, snagging one of the few remaining seats on the first flights out the next morning. Had I waited til I got to the airport, those seats might already have been taken by other passengers dealing with flight cancellations and delays.

And it would have meant getting a ride back from the airport, only to return again early the next morning. Or they would have sent me on to overnight at Charlotte where I would have had to pay for a hotel (since the delay was weather-related).

Instead, I got the best possible times and seats with minimum inconvenience and time investment. Always check your flight status before you leave from the airport, and don’t rely only on airline notifications, as those are often delayed.


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