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Flying Through Denver This Week? Check Your Flight Right Now

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I just got a call from friends who found out their flights home tomorrow were cancelled, more than 24 hours in advance, because of weather in Denver. United has already cancelled more than 150 flights.

credit: CBS

credit: CBS

My immediate advice was to hang up with me and call their airline ASAP to get booked. The key for minimizing the inconvenience of a cancelled flight is to try to get rebooked immediately. Waiting means your options will be disappearing as everyone else from your cancelled flight (and other cancelled flights) are frantically looking for seats.

So if you’re at home — CALL! If you’re at the airport, run to the nearest customer service desk AND call customer service. That way you’ll guarantee you’re getting helped as quickly as possible. See more of our tips for dealing with travel delays or cancellations.

Their story has a happy ending — they had wanted to stay longer anyway, so they were able to get rebooked for the 2nd instead of the 1st, with no change fee and only a $30 difference in fare price. And they were able to move their upgrade certs with the reservation!


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