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What Happens if I Let My Miles and Points Expire?

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Airport_Travel_and_Related_023A crack in the earth will open up and swallow your entire house.

White hot magma will bubble to the surface wiping out all life in a 30-mile radius.

A rip in the space-time continuum will open up, sucking in our planet and snuffing out all life on earth.

Or, you’ll just lose your points and miles.

I’ve unintentionally and intentionally let points and miles expire this year. It was annoying the times I wasn’t aware of it and probably could have prevented it. I let my Spirit miles expire last week (knowingly so). I could have signed up for Spirit dining and not let my points expire, but our lives have been insane pretty much since the day we got back from Japan. They are now getting back to normal, but at the time they expired it was adding just one more thing on our “to-do” list to sign up for the dining program and make sure I go buy something at a participating restaurant. At the time I was mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted. It wasn’t worth my (or my family’s) sanity to do it.

I enjoy collecting points and miles and the opportunities doing that has given us beyond what we would have done. My focus is to use it to help our family travel. I do not want to put miles and points as a priority above everything else in our lives. If you have a lapse and let some points and miles expire, deep breath. It’s not the end of the world. It’s not worth crying about or losing sleep over. It’s a first-world problem and it’s a wonderful one to have.

There are apps and websites designed to help you keep track of all your points and miles. It may be worth signing up for one if you want help to prevent unknowingly letting points or miles expire in the future. I use AwardWallet. In my case, I was aware what was going to happen to my Spirit miles thanks to the reminder I received, but I intentionally chose not to act on it this time.

For those interested in trying it out, here’s my referral link to AwardWallet:

And a code for a free upgrade to the first 10 first-time users:



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