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Finally, a Worthwhile Redemption for Verizon Smart Rewards Points?

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Verizon launched the Verizon Smart Rewards program last year and its value was dubious. I zeroed in on the cash and points hotel options for stays outside out of my usual chains, but have since become disenchanted. They offer few properties in the locations I need and then the discounts are hit and miss.

And since all their other awards and merchandise basically just offer a 10% discount that you can match or beat somewhere else with a sale, it seemed as though the privacy you give up to be a part of the program isn’t worth it.

Then I discovered a possible use for the points: gift card auctions!

You have the option of choosing points-only auctions and bidding on $25+ gift cards to a variety of stores — Verizon, Best Buy, Buffalo Wild Wings, Kroger, Brookstone, Dunkin Donuts, Royal Caribbean, Outback, etc.Verizon smart rewards auction examples

Now, abandon all hope of getting a penny per point value or even a tenth of a penny! Apparently I’m not the only one desperate to find ways to spend my points.

Verizon smart rewards ending auctions

But at least you can get some value for them! If you can win an auction.

I’m now opting out of the Verizon Smart Rewards program…

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