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Where to Stay on the Kenai Peninsula

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Alaska is a land with very few chain hotels and where the best of those you’re going to get is Best Western or Super 8. So for my trip to Kenai, I was having to do a bit more research than usual. Even TripAdvisor and AirBnB are a little sparse.

But I found a few that looked both affordable and nice. I ran them by my friend and the Bluff House Inn in Ninilchik AK was the final choice. It looked very clean and perfectly fine in the website pictures, but I wasn’t expecting much other than the amazing view, since it was on a cliff by the water.

The Bluff House Inn Ninilchik Alaska entrance

The Bluff House Inn Ninilchik Alaska parking

This was one of those cases where the website truly did not do justice. We stayed in the Bear room which wound up being the most private of all the rooms. You walk through the garage/storage area (which means you have close access to a fridge) into a mini hallway with a sink perfect for rinsing out dishes, fruit, etc and access to the outside and then to our room.

It had looked basic in the photos, it wound up being tastefully minimalist, very comfortable, clean, and nice looking. And a great view of the water mountains and water from the windows. The bathroom was fine, the shower was a little narrow, but the water pressure and quantity of hot water was fantastic. And by Alaska standards, it was NICE.

Bluff House Inn Alaska Bear Room

Incidentally, I couldn’t figure out an angle that took better pictures of it 🙂

I was pleased! And when we got the tour of the rest of the house, I was thrilled. There’s a downstairs common area with snacks, glassware and other basic amenities if you want to eat down there, a shared fridge for guests, and a great deck.

The Bluff House Inn Ninilchik Alaska backyard view

The Bluff House Inn Ninilchik Alaska porch

Upstairs were more guest rooms, the kitchen where breakfast is served. And the amazing living room that I wound up spending every evening in. It offers breathtaking views of the water, the mountains, and the glorious sunsets. Not to mention super comfy chairs.

The Bluff House Inn Ninilchik Alaska upstairs lounge

Alaska Midnight Sun 11PM Kenai Peninsula

And then there were the breakfasts…Again, I wasn’t expecting much. They were fantastic. Cereals, fruits, homemade coffee cakes, and granola bars were set out for guests departing early for fishing or tours. But if you were fortunate enough to be around in the morning you would get eggs made to order, bacon or reindeer sausage, one morning even blueberry pancakes.

The Bluff House Inn Ninilchik Alaska home cooked breakfast

And the thing I enjoyed most was the backyard. I couldn’t help wandering around it at all hours of the “night” photographing the sunset, the twilight, the plethora of bald eagles flying along the shore below.

It just didn’t get old and I found myself wishing it were a touch warmer so I could sit out in one of the lawn chairs all night.

Kenai Peninsula Twilight Dusk

Backyard Chairs Bluff House Inn Kenai Peninsula

I never met Dave, but Sue was an amazing hostess, friendly but not intruding. Had great recommendations about what to see. I highly recommend the Bluff House Inn.

Incidentally, we passed several of the places I had also been considering and I was horrified to see that they had been using strategic angles to mask the fact the cabins were crowded together or basically looked out on a dirt wall. Phew.

Note: I received no compensation for this review, just want to help anyone visiting Kenai get the best view possible!

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