Should You See Homer Spit?

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I’d been to Denali, Barrow, and Seward, so when I booked my next trip to Alaska longer than one day, I chose the Kenai Peninsula as my destination. This was one of those trips where I follow a whim and research it later (if at all).

homer spit location map

I saw Homer on the map and was delighted for some reason and put it on my “must see” list. I had actually planned to spend a night or two there, but fortunately opted for something farther up the Kenai Peninsula so it would be easier to get to other sites as well.

Drive to Home Spit Alaska

The drive down to Homer was beautiful, Homer itself was fine, but Homer Spit, the mile or so long bit of land jutting into the sound wasn’t quite what I had pictured. I had definitely romanticized it in my head, so as we were driving across the bridge to the narrow stretch of gravel just wide enough to rows of parked cars and a line of shops on each side, I kept waiting for it to change.

Homer Spit Alaska scenery

Homer Spit Alaska Parking Sign

But we made it to the end (with the beautiful views) and it was still the same. Hmmmm.

End of Homer Spit Alaska View

We walked almost the entire length and back so my friend could get in enough fitbit steps and it was basically rows of boats, parked cars, restaurants and gift stores, and even small camp sites with glorious mountain views in the background.

Homer Spit Alaska what to do

Homer Spit Alaska Docks

Probably exactly what I should have expected, but instead I’d pictured some kind of end of the world sorta thing.

Oh well. I still had a nice time. I got to pose with a fake fish.

Welcome to homer spit alaska Keri

And check out the monument towards the end.

Homer Spit Alaska Seafarers Memorial

And at least here on the spit you’re pretty much guaranteed to have fresh fish wherever you eat since the cost of importing frozen fish when there’s so much fresh arriving on boats hourly would be ridiculous.

Should you go? Yes! Should you stay overnight on the spit if you don’t plan to fish? No. Stay more than an hour or so if you don’t plan to sail or fish? Definitely not.

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