Alaska Trip Report: Disappointed by the Dump

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I just spent most of the week in Alaska, seeing the Kenai Peninsula for the first time. My trip report will be forthcoming, but in case any of you are going in the near future, this was worth mentioning.

The Alaska.org website (and other sites) suggest places to see bald eagles along the Kenai Peninsula, including a stop at the Soldotna dump.

One of the things I love about Alaska is that there are bald eagles everywhere. You’re driving along and are like “wait, is that a bald eagle sitting on that tree?? fishing in that marsh?” So the idea of seeing hundreds rather blew my mind.

Eagles Kenai peninsula shore alaska

And thus, on the way back from Homer, we made a stop at the dump. And I’ll admit, I was rather ashamedly excited about this stop.

The attendant, since you have to explain why you’re entering the landfill, told us that mostly the eagles are present in the winter and that in the summer we were only likely to see sea gulls.

She was right.

bald eagle viewing kenai peninsula soldotna dump

Though once I saw there were dumpsters specifically for carcasses, I realized why we might be seeing a bunch of eagles.

So insider tip: visit the dump in the winter if you want to see eagles enmass.

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