Turns Out Alaska’s Midnight Sun Was Bad For My Health

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How is it that I’ve been to Alaska at least 4 times in the summer months and never seen the midnight sun disappear below the horizon? And last month I finally did!

Did you know that it goes sideways rather than down for a few hours before it disappears for a little bit?

Alaska Midnight Sun 10PM Kenai Peninsula

Alaska Midnight Sun 11PM Kenai Peninsula


Alaska Midnight Sun 1130PM Kenai Peninsula

So why was it that I had never witnessed this before? All the previous times I wound exhausted or surrounded by mountains that blocked the view, or both.

The first summer trip my flight was delayed by a day (thanks United) and I was racing the 4 hours from Anchorage to Denali the night before my 6AM tour on only a few hours sleep. 9PM on the road to DenaliI arrived at 11PM determined to stay up, but I fell asleep looking out at the mountains.

Next time I was in Alaska for 24 hours on a poorly timed mileage run. I flew in after midnight, when the sun was no longer visible and left at 11PM before sunset. Incidentally, this was the trip where I went up to Talkeetna to go flightseeing and got pulled over by a state trooper who suspected my mileage run was a drug run.

My next opportunity I had intended to stay up and watch it from my hotel room in the Arctic Circle, but there was the little matter of it burning and I ended up exhausted and dispirited in Anchorage that night in a hotel room facing the wrong direction.

So it was with understandable excitement that I found myself on the Kenai Peninsula last month with the nearest sunset-blocking mountain across the bay.  It did not disappoint but it was injurious to my health. I never got enough sleep!

I wanted to stay up to watch it disappear around midnight.

Keri Sunset Bluff House Inn Kenai Peninsula

Then I wanted to wake up at 1:30AM to see what it looked like at the darkest part of the day.

Kenai Peninsula Twilight Dusk

And then I wanted to wake up early to try to see the sun “rise.” Every day of my stay!

I don’t regret it, but boy did I need a vacation after my vacation. 🙂

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