The Most Expensive Cities According to the Club Sandwich Index

By  | has released their 2015 Club Sandwich Index (CSI) 2.0! In the past they have used the average cost of a hotel club sandwich to indicate which cities are most expensive for travelers. The 2.0 version now looks at the cost of 4 menu staples:

  • Club sandwich
  • Cup of coffee
  • Glass of wine
  • Burger & Fries

Can you guess who comes out at as the most expensive in each category?

  • Geneva continues to hold its place as most expensive club in the world and not surprisingly, burger and fries.
  • Seoul comes in as most expensive coffee
  • Paris 5* hotels win most expensive glass of wine (loved the tip that a glass of wine at 3* hotels is 3x less than 5*)

I liked the added categories, but miss seeing the full list of pricey sandwiches. 🙂

Club Sandwich Index 2.0 – 2015

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