Tijuana Airport Gets US Terminal & Strangest Best Western in the World

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Two articles that caught my fancy this morning:

  • Tijuana Airport now has a San Diego terminal! According to this USA Today article, 60% of Tijuana passengers were headed to the US which involved a 15 min drive and then hours of waiting to cross the border. For $18, Cross Border Express lets you walk 390 feet across a bridge to a US border control officer, saving hours of hassle.
    Cross Border Express Tijuana Airport San Diego credit API’ve never been to Tijuana, so wondering if this might be a good option for a day trip across the border with minimum time and hassle. Just use Cross Border Express and then rent a car or Uber everywhere? Looks like it’s $10-$12 from the airport to Rosarito Beach 30 min away.
  • I like kitsch (to a point) and I love dinosaurs, so I might have to make a trek to what Travel & Leisure suggests might be the Strangest Best Western in the world. The owners of the Best Western Denver Southwest spent $5 million to transform their property and offer features like real fossils and bones, Stanley — the life size stegosaurus statue, murals, even a pool shaped like a Cretaceous Seaway .

    “We had a beige box commodity in our hotel,” says Greg. “But we didn’t want our hotel to taste like chicken. We wanted it to taste like pterodactyl.”

    Fortunately it looks like the renovations were tastefully done — more thematic than amusement park 🙂

    best western southwest denver dinosaur hotel front deskReminds me of when Jeanne & I found the Howard Johnson in Hershey, PA that had fine dining in the basement.


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