Tijuana Airport Gets US Terminal & Strangest Best Western in the World

a close up of a wall

Two articles that caught my fancy this morning:

  • Tijuana Airport now has a San Diego terminal! According to this USA Today article, 60% of Tijuana passengers were headed to the US which involved a 15 min drive and then hours of waiting to cross the border. For $18, Cross Border Express lets you walk 390 feet across a bridge to a US border control officer, saving hours of hassle.
    a highway with cars on itI’ve never been to Tijuana, so wondering if this might be a good option for a day trip across the border with minimum time and hassle. Just use Cross Border Express and then rent a car or Uber everywhere? Looks like it’s $10-$12 from the airport to Rosarito Beach 30 min away.
  • I like kitsch (to a point) and I love dinosaurs, so I might have to make a trek to what Travel & Leisure suggests might be the Strangest Best Western in the world. The owners of the Best Western Denver Southwest spent $5 million to transform their property and offer features like real fossils and bones, Stanley — the life size stegosaurus statue, murals, even a pool shaped like a Cretaceous Seaway .

    “We had a beige box commodity in our hotel,†says Greg. “But we didn’t want our hotel to taste like chicken. We wanted it to taste like pterodactyl.â€

    Fortunately it looks like the renovations were tastefully done — more thematic than amusement park 🙂

    a fossil of a dinosaurReminds me of when Jeanne & I found the Howard Johnson in Hershey, PA that had fine dining in the basement.


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  1. I think I read somewhere that you can only use the Cross Border Express if you have a flight at the Tijuana airport. But I could be mistaken.

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