Putting Personal Items in the Minibar is Going to Cost You

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A last minute thought right before I went to bed cost me $50 this weekend. Well I got lucky (I think), but I almost had to pay a lot of money all because I stuck a small bag of wine (don’t ask) overnight on top of the drinks in the mini-bar at the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas.

I thought my big problem was accidentally locking the mini-bar when trying to open it. But when I mentioned my issue to fellow conference attendees, their first response was “You didn’t put the wine in the minibar did you? They might charge you for putting personal items in there.”

Wait what!?

Apparently Scott Mayerowitz had recently written about the $25 fee mini-bar use fee being charged by Aria and other Vegas hotels.

Horrified I ran back to my room during one of the conference breaks. The Mandalay wasn’t charging $25 for personal use, they were charging $50! I had shoved the bag of wine on top of the soda cans late at night as an after thought, totally missing the little tag on one of the water bottles (since I wasn’t planning to consume anything).

Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Mini Bar Charge fridge tag

And it was mentioned again in the little rate card, which I hadn’t seen since I wasn’t eating anything.

Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Mini Bar Charge


Ack. Ack. Ack.

I checked my charges via the television after I called down to get the minibar unlocked and nothing was showing up. As of check out yesterday, nothing had appeared and I’ll admit I wasn’t going to volunteer that I had put something in there if the sensors hadn’t picked that up. I will now be checking my credit card statement for the next couple of days, just to make sure.



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