Hotel Review: Crowne Plaza Changi Airport Singapore

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I had high hopes and healthy skepticism about my one night stay at the Crowne Plaza Changi Airport hotel in Singapore. Having booked through Snap Travel and arriving at check in at 9AM, I wasn’t sure what kind of experience I would have.

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Whether it’s because I booked a Club Room or just because their service is awesome, I could not have been more pleased.

Entrance to Crowne Plaza Changi from Terminal 3

Crowne Plaza Changi Airport hotel lobby

Crowne Plaza Changi Airport hotel lobby

Early Check In

It was a 5 minute brisk walk from Terminal 2 to the hotel entrance on level L1 in Terminal 3, a great chance to stretch my legs after 17.5 hours in the plane.

I arrived a little after 9AM to check in and was informed I’d been upgraded to a King Suite, but they didn’t have anything that could be ready until 3.

The supervisor was called over and he clarified I had a Club Room, I could upgrade to a suite for a small upcharge but the hotel was full and the earliest I could get in was 2PM. I declined the upgrade and even offered to downgrade to a basic room (keeping my lounge access) if it meant I could check in sooner, but they regretfully informed me nothing was available.

Fortunately I could work from the lounge until a room was ready, and they sent a bellhop to escort me to the third floor. And it got better from there! Mustafa who headed up the lounge was amazing. He reviewed my reservation and immediately contacted housekeeping to prioritize my room, inviting me to have breakfast while I waited.

Club lounge entrance

He brought me tea and though he was pretty busy the next hour he kept stopping by to apologize for the wait and assure me they would get me in a room as quickly as they could. And by 10:30AM I was. 🙂

The Room

I was on a high floor as Snap Travel had requested for me, but I had opted out of the runway view behind the hotel if it meant I had a room sooner.

View of the runway from the back of the hotel

Exterior of my room

Stairwell outside the room

My view was still pretty nice. From behind the metal work I could see Terminal 2 and the planes taking off and landing, their tail fins looking like sharks cruising behind the building.

The room décor was a little startling with its green splotchy carpet and massive flowers decorating the bathroom glass but it worked.

The foyer had an inset bench on one side and a shaded window to the outside. There was a shallow cabinet with an ironing board and then the typical refreshment center with an underfilled mini bar providing space to store your own space (at no extra charge). Oddly the tea kettle was on the top shelf of the closet, and there was really nowhere to plug it in except for the desk.

I’ll skip straight to the bedroom with its pleasing view. Lots of space with lots of natural light from almost wall to wall floor to ceiling windows. And as it turned out, I much preferred the privacy of an exterior room vs one with a pool view which would have had my room on display to other guests.

Lots of seating and surfaces for luggage, etc. I loved that I could see the planes landing as I worked at the desk. Comfy bed. They offered an Elemis Sleep Mist spritzer and had an iPhone like contraption to let you make calls and surf the web bedside. Only complaint? No power outlets for electronics without unplugging the clock or lights.

Now back to the bathroom with its giant flowers. A great, spacious bathroom, rather what I would expect for a nice hotel in Asia. Loved that the bathtub had a view of the planes landing, and that it was really clean, no hairs left behind to dissuade me from a post flight soak. 

The bathroom also had exterior windows with an opaque film that maintained privacy but allowed for natural light.

I was a huge fan, and as I was tired and needed to catch up on both sleep and work, I felt no reluctance to spend most of the day there.

The Lounge

The club lounge is on the 3rd floor near the gym. A small space but decent amount of seating. I was there in the late morning on a weekday and again in the evening and at no point was it even half full. The breakfast spread had a modest but decent array of warm and cold options – dim sum, western hot options such as beans and sausages, an egg menu, cheeses, fruits, yogurts, and a couple of kinds of pastry and cereal.

It was the morning staff that made it! I’ve already mentioned Mustafa but I also had a great interaction with the breakfast chef, a middle aged Singaporean lady with a beautiful soul. She stopped by to ask me if I wanted eggs, and we subsequently had a delightful exchange which ended with an affectionate arm on my shoulder that felt like a hug and a sincere wish to see me again soon.

The evening cocktails and appetizers were solid but less enchanting. The staff in the evening was younger and more inclined to giggles. Good will, but less proactive service. The evening spread of food was better than US hotels, but modest and predictable compared to other Singapore hotels I’ve stayed at.

Salad options, samosas, pudding desserts, etc. I wasn’t interested in the beer or liquor, the wine offerings were not on display, but it was Merlot, Cabernet Sav, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc. I had the latter and found it quite refreshing, even with my picky tastes.

My only complaint with the lounge was the beautiful hotel pool directly outside.

When no one was in the pool it was quite relaxing and picturesque. But when people were in the pool…well, let’s just say I don’t think seeing me in a bathing suit would improve the taste of anyone’s food. Especially since I’m not sure guests realized they were straightening and preening in front of the lounge windows.

Didn’t get a chance to try, though I had the option, breakfast in the restaurant. Same with the spa and gym. Both of which looked solid and unremarkable.

That’s kind of how I would sum up the hotel as a whole. If you get the same service I had, you won’t ever regret staying there.  I know it made my stressful mileage run a whole lot better!

Incidentally, if leaving the hotel at 4AM for a 6AM flight, be aware that the moving walkways and escalators won’t be running so be prepared to carry your luggage or take the long route to the lifts.

Check rates at this hotel:   IHG  |   |   Orbitz   |   Expedia  |   Priceline

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