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Stumbled across this a few months ago when I was staying at the new Holiday Inn in Sonoma — via the IHG app, all Rewards Club members can get free Kindle books. It wasn’t quite as great as I first hoped since it turns out the free Kindle books are limited to select titles, but not going to complain about free books. 🙂

No stay is required, just an IHG account and their app. You can sign up right now for a (free) new account and be able to download a free book twice a year. And the higher your status, the more books you can download. Note: it appears to be limited to customers in the US.

  • Club members will receive 1 free download bi-annually
  • Gold Elite members will receive 1 free download per quarter
  • Platinum Elite members will receive 2 free downloads per quarter
  • Spire Elite members will receive 3 free downloads per quarter

To Claim Your Free Kindle Book(s)

  1. Make sure you have the latest IHG app downloaded
  2. Join IHG® Rewards Club or Sign In
  3. Click on your name in the top right corner to pull up the Account Management page
  4. Scroll down and select Your Extra Benefits: Kindle eBooks
  5. Click the Get a Free eBook button
  6. The current selection of books will pop up. Clicking on a book will give you the synopsis and user rating as well as the opportunity to sign in to your Amazon account to claim your free book.

Right now the categories are stories about people, literary escapes (including Patricia Wentworth, one of my favorite authors), nonfiction, historical fiction, and comics.


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